River Music Experience

River Music Experience

How QCCT impacts the RME

Making and teaching music puts the RME in a unique place. No other organization in the QC area fills the bill the same way!

The River Music Experience project was founded in 2004 to build on the Quad Cities' reputation as a hub for regional musical festivals and to honor its musical heritage with a permanent, national tribute to American roots music.

It's done that and so much more. It's grown by responding to the community’s needs by hosting more live music, creating more educational programs and offering more opportunities for local musicians to perform and hone their craft.

RME’s Kidstock!

If you ever dreamed of forming your own band, then you know how QC kids respond to Kidstock!

Every summer, they can experience the professional musician's life, forming their own group, choosing songs, rehearsing, recording and performing under the instruction of professional musicians.

The RME's program is in its 10th year. It gives young people the kind of interaction and instruction they hunger for ... and the skills they need to advance to the next level, right here at home.

"I started playing guitar at 8 but didn’t know what to do with it. When my parents sent me to Rock Camp at RME, I was just a little kid among teenagers, but I learned a lot. I went to Rock Camp and Winter Blues, and, with that passion to play music, I started my own bands, a great learning experience!

I ran sound at a lot of my gigs, and an internship in RME's Redstone Room as an audio engineer helped me decide to go to school for audio engineering. I recently graduated from an audio engineering program in Nashville, TN and I'm currently interning at Dark Horse Recording, where albums by artists like Taylor Swift and Relient K were recorded! It's been an awesome ride so far, and it all got started because of my experiences with RME."  ~Kaleb Dykema

QCCT support makes Kidstock available!

3rd Sunday Jazz Series

Monthly workshops and matinee performances build new audiences and delight jazz lovers of all ages.
With the goal of building our exisiting jazz audience and cultivating a younger base, this series presents insights and performances from some the finest practitioners in the jazz community today.
Jazz aficionados have QCCT support to thank!

"Countless people and organizations call RME “home,” thanks to the critical support of QCCT funding. Your financial and operational support has allowed RME to develop and support musicians of all ages and abilities."

Deb Sandry Powers, Executive Director

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