Quad City Botanical Center

Quad City Botanical Center

How QCCT impacts the Botanical Center

“Children, dirt and water – every child should have a chance at that!” The words of founding member Marion Lardner aptly describe what goes on at the Quad City Botanical Center … although sand is the material of choice this winter.

Nestled amid tropical foliage and koi fish ponds is a sandy beach island for kids to explore and play in – the perfect antidote for winter!

Kids of all ages enjoy the warm tropical atrium and its hundreds of plants from all over the world. Outdoor gardens attract pollinators by the hundreds from early spring to late fall when the Monarchs begin their migration.

The Botanical Center serves 10,000 students annually in hands-on programs and workshops, and takes programs into school classrooms throughout the region. And toddlers enjoy programs just for them!

Experiences for a Lifetime

Late this summer I noticed a boy peering a monarch butterfly that had emerged from its chrysalis in our habitat. He said that he learned about butterflies in school, but never touched one before. So right then and there we planned a release! When I placed the butterfly in his palm, his eyes widened with excitement, and when the insect took flight he literally danced around the garden with joy. These are my favorite moments, when we can provide experiences that will remain with our guests forever. ~Greg Wolf, Director of Education, Quad City Botanical Center

Thanks to QCCT funding, the Botanical Center can make magic happen!



"Thankfully QCCT was built on the understanding that cultural offerings and strength of community are inseparable. Our gardens and grounds are a living classroom where students of all ages learn that plants and people are inseparable, too. QCCT understands our value and provides the operating support necessary to thrive."

Ami Jenkins, Executive Director

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Child and mom planting