Quad City Arts

Quad City Arts

How QCCT impacts the Quad City Arts

Quad City Arts was founded in 1970 and is an arts advocacy organization that operates a visual arts gallery and a re-granting program for local artists called Arts Dollars$.  Visiting Artists, Inc. was launched in 1974 as an educational residency program presenting performing arts through residencies in schools and at community sites.

The organization’s dual role of presenting the arts and humanities, as well as serving as an arts resource, allows us to serve more than 350,000 people annually in the Arts Center in Rock Island and at over 200 community rural and urban community sites.

Quad City Arts Serves the Community with Innovative Programming

The innovative programming of Quad City Arts anticipates and meets the needs of the QC Region.  Those programs include:

Metro Arts.  A five week summer program, Metro Arts brings together artistically talented young adults and provides them with productive, creative, paid apprenticeships in the arts, and is open to any student age 15-21 residing in the Quad City area. Participants work on group projects under the supervision of a professional artist.

Art @ the Airport. The Quad City International Airport gallery space, also known as Art @ the Airport, is a formal contemporary gallery that has exhibition space in floor-to-ceiling glass cases. Over 2 million visitors view this space annually. Exhibits in this space showcase artists living within 250 miles of the Quad Cities.

Quad City Arts Gallery.  The Rock Island gallery is a perfect space to showcase large paintings, sculptures & enjoy an occasional performance

Public Sculpture.  Our Public Sculpture Program coordinates the selection and display of public sculpture with cities, organizations, and businesses in publicly-accessible locations throughout the Quad Cities.

Chalk Art Fest. In August Quad City Arts hosts the annual Chalk Art Fest as part of Downtown Davenport’s Alternating Currents Festival, which is based on SXSW. Chalk artists compete for prizes, while everyone else can be part of a large community art piece.  Participants will create a small portion of a larger image that, when finished, will come to life as a complete work of art!

QCCT support will help Quad City Arts make an impact!

"Quad City Arts is looking forward to partnering with QCCT to continue to provide diverse art programs to our entire region."

Carmen Darland, Executive Director

QCCT Supported Organizations