Putnam Museum & Science Center

Putnam Museum & Science Center

How QCCT impacts the Putnam Museum & Science Center

2017 marked the start of 150 years that the Putnam Museum has been inspiring ideas, dialogue and interaction among people of all ages.  And going into 2018, science and history will continue to come alive at the Smithsonian-affiliated Putnam, with interactive exhibits that invite exploration, experimentation and fun.

IMMERSE innovates in education and reinvigorates the purpose of the collection

This winter, the Putnam began piloting IMMERSE, an innovative program at the Putnam Museum & Science Center that provides a week long, immersive, in-house learning experience for students in the Quad City area. Not only will the children be utilizing all the great resources that our exhibits, artifacts, Science Center and theater have to offer, but they will also be holding their everyday classes such as math and reading here at the Putnam as well!   This provides authentic, participatory learning experiences that really drive lessons home for all learners. 

 We know the Putnam enriches the learning experience, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Just ask Lori Kimmel – a 5th grade teacher at Fillmore Elementary in Davenport:

“Teaching my students at the Putnam is nothing short of a gift – for me as an educator, for my teaching staff, for my volunteers and most importantly for my kids.”

Or listen to Clark's mom Evelyn.  Clark was in the IMMERSE program:

“Clark dreams of becoming a professor of paleontology at the University of Washington in Seattle,” says his mom.
Clark was awestruck during a presentation given by the Putnam paleontologist Chris Chandler during his week of immersive, hands-on learning at the Putnam.  “Clark said to me, ‘Mom, I can’t wait to do this kind of thing when I grow up!’”

Putnam provides family fun

And here's what one QC grandma said after a day at the Putnam:
"I just have to tell you- our 12 & 7 year-old grandsons came to visit the first week of Aug, and we all (the boys, our son, grandpa and me) came to the fantastic science exhibit.  We were there for hours and had THE best time. I am SO grateful for that day. Thank you, as YOU are part of that memory!"

Thanks to ongoing funding from QCCT, the Putnam is able to innovate and create new programs including outreach to schools, workshops and hands-on learning opportunities. 

Support through QCCT makes a lasting difference.

"The QCCT is the lifeblood of our vital organizations. Your support makes a difference to the region’s economic vitality as well as family life. We couldn’t do it without you."

Kim Findlay, Executive Director

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