Quad Cities Cultural Trust Organizations

Quad Cities Cultural Trust Organizations

Quad Cities Cultural Trust exists to see the six amenities thrive, innovate and build the necessary infrastructure to succeed.  Why? Because we at the QCCT believe that there is a direct link between culture and the economy. As capacity builder, advocate, match-maker, mentor and coach, the QCCT is contributing to a thriving and vibrant arts and culture scene in the Quad Cities.

We’re on a mission to change something. And we believe that changing something goes beyond our advocacy for that vibrant arts and culture scene; it starts by providing the critical resources to these six entities and building on their momentum.

Working closely with these 6 key culture and arts organizations, the QCCT enriches the lives of thousands of Quad Citians through transformative experiences in art, nature, music, culture, heritage, science and more.

Figge Art Museum

Putnam Museum & Science Center

Quad City Botanical Center

Quad City Symphony Orchestra

River Music Experience

Quad City Arts

“I had the privilege of bringing a behavior disorder classroom of emotionally and physically challenged 5th grade students to the Figge and RME.  We saw today that ALL the students responded to the healing beauty of art and music.  This has been one of my most cherished days of my 34 years in teaching.  

“I have many children in my class that the world has already given up on and they are very aware of this perception. They now know that the Figge and the River Music Experience BELIEVE in them.  This will have a permanent impact on their psyche.  

“Their first words upon entering your buildings were about the beauty, joy, & peace in the place. They felt at home with the paintings and music that they have studied throughout the year.  They extracted themes from the music and visual arts throughout the day.  Their ONLY complaint was that they NEEDED to stay longer.  I listen to the hearts and souls of my students.  They were moved and changed today.”

Arlene Axup, 5th Grade Teacher,  Denkmann Elementary School