The Impact of the Quad Cities Cultural Trust

The Impact of the Quad Cities Cultural Trust

The QCCT’s approach is unique.

100% of our donations are unrestricted and intended to fund operating costs for 6 core cultural institutions. But we go beyond philanthropy. We work with our cultural partners to build and maintain healthy, relevant and vibrant organizations through accountability, fostering collaboration and challenging innovation.

QCCT provides robust operations support to the key Quad Cities arts and culture organizations in perpetuity, so they can continue to educate, inspire, nourish and sustain our creative and prosperous community.

Your gift helps them:
* Develop customers, patrons, and other supporters essential to their long-term financial health;
* Enrich our entire community – particularly young people – through lifelong education.

Read what the supported organizations have to say about the impact QCCT has on them.

The QCCT helps grow the QC; sparks robust ROI

In 2017, the QCCT invested $968,306 in the Figge Art Museum, Putnam Museum & Science Center, Quad City Botanical Center, Quad City Symphony Orchestra, and River Music Experience.

These organizations provide valuable cultural experiences to 480,000 people every year, driving our local economy in many ways, both through direct spending and through event-related spending.

In fact, nonprofit arts and culture are a $71.34 million industry in the Quad Cities region - one that supports 1,906 full time equivalent jobs and generates $7.79 million in local and state government revenue.

Supporting Quad Cities arts and culture makes practical sense. Spending by cultural tourists pours more sales and hotel tax dollars into municipal coffers, which means fewer cuts in city services and a decreased likelihood of tax increases—good news for businesses.

Learn more about the Arts & Economic Prosperity study and calculator.

The QCCT helps attract young professionals and tourists to the Quad Cities.

According to the National Endowment for the Arts' 2002 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts, the public wants to increase its arts attendance:

  • 67 percent would like to visit more museums.
  • 54 percent want to see more theater productions or musicals.
  • 50 percent would like to attend more dance performances.

"Thank you from Callaghan (8) and Josie (10) who took part in Kidstock! As we transition from D.C., Kidstock gave them a GREAT base, and a good connection with the local music scene that we are grateful for.  Josie said after day one, "I love it, Mom! I am with my people."  It was also fun for me and my husband to see the Redstone Room and to see the upcoming groups on your agenda.  We are excited to move to a smaller city, as in a way it will make us more adventurous as we explore what the area provides."  ~RME KIDSTOCK PARENT

A strong arts and cultural scene makes our community a desirable home for many!

"Nurturing our cultural community is a sure-fire economic driver, because the arts are the beating heart of a thriving, vibrant community."

Ken Koupal, Regional President, US Bank