Quad Cities Cultural Trust History

Quad Cities Cultural Trust History

Created in 2007; Quad Cities Cultural Trust has distributed $8 million

When the Trust was established in 2007, there was no proof that this bold experiment would actually work. Now we know that this big-picture approach is effective.  Created by 3 of the largest funders in our region - The Bechtel Trusts; the Hubbell-Waterman Foundation; and the John Deere Foundation - we are a powerful private arts and culture supporter, already providing $8 million in distributions.

Today the Trust provides annual operating dollars so that the supported organizations are able to thrive and carry out their missions effectively. 

"QCCT funding, especially granted early and coming in early, has given us a secure cash position that allows us to plan forward rather than catching up. The financial support of the QCCT has been instrumental is allowing us to invest intentionally in valuable new programs by giving us a secure stream of funding."  ~ Quad City Symphony

Support for the Trust makes economic sense: Communities in which arts and culture activities of all types flourish are important for the recruitment and retention of a skilled and educated workforce in a city or region. Learn more.

 Message from R. Richard Bittner


"In the past 7 years, the QCCT fund has received generous additional gifts from private individuals who have fulfilled their wish to see the region's cultural core thrive in perpetuity. The fund has distributed $8 million in operating dollars over 10 years, a significant contribution to the supported organizations' well-being."

Trustee Mark Bawden